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These terms regulate the use and content of the Internet Portal service (hereafter, Portal or Website) of the STARIA TECHNOLOGIES business group (hereafter, STARIA TECHNOLOGIES), which is available to Internet users.


In accordance with article 10 of Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we hereby provide you with the information regarding the owner of the website being viewed.

STARIA TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. (hereafter STARIA TECHNOLOGIES) is the owner of the website accessible from the domain . STARIA TECHNOLOGIES has a registered office at C/Jaume mimo i Llobet, 59 – 08290 Cerdanyola del Valles, with CIF B67829002, registered in the Barcelona Company Register. Our contact details are: email or telephone +34 622 83 60 48

This website features a series of content of an informative nature to present the activities that our business group carries out and the services that we offer. The main objective of this Portal is to provide the public, especially our clients, with information related to our activities and to allow these external agents to contact us.

This website may contain elements subject to protection by intellectual property law and trademark law. Please consult the content related to this point in our terms.

Our website has a Contact section, where visitors can find our contact details and a directory for the companies that make up our group. Please refer to this page if you would like to contact us.


In accordance with the provisions set forth in EU Regulation 2016/679, of 27 April on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, which repeals Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), as well as the legislation on privacy in force at all times, the user is informed that all personal data that may be processed through this website as well as the elements incorporated into the same—cookies or social media—, are processed in accordance with the provisions established in the aforementioned regulation.

We will always respect the confidentiality of your personal data, which will only be used for the purpose of managing any requests that you may make and offering you web information services, as well as for sending technical, commercial or advertising information by ordinary or electronic mail upon request.

STARIA TECHNOLOGIES has established a privacy policy along with some policies associated with the reference standard, which is available on this website. Please consult these policies for more information. If you would like to contact us, you can write to us at the following email address, where we will address your queries regarding the policy on personal data:


Access to this website is free. Access and use of the Portal confers, by default, the same User termd (hereafter, User) and also implies acceptance of all the terms, without any reservation whatsoever on the User’s part, included in this Legal Notice, other content in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, as well as those that can be derived from current legislation and that are not expressly established in this notice.

The terms of access and use of this website are governed by current law and by the principle of good faith, and the user agrees to use this website properly. Conduct that is not in accordance with the law, violates rights, or is not in accordance with the interests of third parties is not permitted.

Being a user of the STARIA TECHNOLOGIES website implies that you recognise that you have read and accepted these terms and the extent of the legal regulations applicable on this subject. If you do not agree to these terms, do not continue to use this website. Any type of notification and/or complaint shall only be valid if it is made via written notification and/or certified mail.

The terms that regulate the different services available on this website are subject to the following legislation, among others, insofar as it applies: Act 34/2002 of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce; EU Regulation 2016/679, of 27 April, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, which repeals Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation); as well as the privacy legislation in force at all times, Royal Decree-Law No 1/2007, of 16 November, which approves the Revised Text of the General Consumer and User Defence Act and other complementary Laws; such as the regulation of intellectual property or regulation of trademark law.

Social Networks

STARIA TECHNOLOGIES is present in social networks, which can be accessed from our website. Twitter®, LinkedIn®, Pinterest® y Google+®. When a user accesses these social networks, they leave our platform and become subject to the terms established by the social network provider. Please read the established terms carefully before accepting access and use of said networks.

When a user enters information or elements on social networks involving our corporate profiles, and this information is contrary to the policy of our company or is contrary to national or international law, third party rights, or morality and public order, it shall be taken down immediately. STARIA TECHNOLOGIES is not responsible for the information and contents stored on forums, social networks, or any other media that allow third parties to publish content independently on the website of the provider.


The contents of this website are of a general nature and are intended to provide information on the activities and the services that STARIA TECHNOLOGIES offers to the general public. STARIA TECHNOLOGIES shall not be responsible for decisions made based on information provided on its Portal nor for the damages caused to the User or third parties due to actions that have been solely based on information obtained from the Portal.

Users must maintain the appropriate availability and security of the elements used to access the internet. STARIA TECHNOLOGIES shall not be held responsible for the damages caused by errors or poor software configurations installed on the computer of the internet user. Access to the Portal requires services and supplies from third parties, including transport via telecommunication networks, the reliability, quality, continuity, and function of which do not correspond to STARIA TECHNOLOGIES.

STARIA TECHNOLOGIES does not assume responsibility for the continuous use and availability of this website platform. The non-existence of interruptions or errors when accessing the website is not guaranteed. Furthermore, STARIA TECHNOLOGIES reserves the right to update, modify, or delete information from its website, as well as the right to update the configuration or presentation of the same, at any time and without assuming any responsibility.

Prices visible on our website shall be considered solely as an estimate and not binding. If the user wishes to know the exact prices, they should contact the corresponding department within the company using one of the established methods.

STARIA TECHNOLOGIES is not responsible for the misuse of the portal by its users, the continuity of the web service or the contents offered by other websites or applications which can be accessed from our portal.


STARIA TECHNOLOGIES is the owner or has the corresponding license or transfer of use for the various contents present on its website, including—but not limited to—the brands, texts, photographs, graphics, links, audio-visuals, drawings, designs, software, source code, and information incorporated to that effect, displayed throughout the Web Portal. The rights to the products and services of a public nature that are not owned by this company are exempted. All the products and services incorporated into this site that are NOT the property of STARIA TECHNOLOGIES are registered brands of their respective owners and are recognised as such by our company. They only appear on the website for promotional purposes and for the purpose of gathering information. These owners may request the modification or elimination of the information that pertains to them.

The mere fact that an element appears on this website does not imply the transfer of use to the user. Neither the ownership of the elements nor any right of use is transferred, with the exception of those that are required to display the elements. No material published on this website shall be reproduced, copied, or published without the written consent of STARIA TECHNOLOGIES.

Including, but not limited to the foregoing, Users of the Portal are prohibited from:

  • Commercially exploiting the contents of the Portal, including products derived from the modification, copy, or reuse of said contents.
  • Reproducing, copying, extracting, transferring, or reusing the contents considered to be graphic design, source code, software, or databases for private use or commercial exploitation.

The brands, trade names, or distinguishing signs are owned by STARIA TECHNOLOGIES or third parties that have granted permission for their use. Access to the Portal shall not be understood as granting any rights to said brands, trade names, or distinguishing signs, and the use of same is prohibited except with the express authorisation of STARIA TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. or the third-party owner. The use of our brands or trade names is only authorised to refer to us in the sector as a service provider or supplier. Please contact us so that we can help you when you need to reference us as service providers.

Sharing the link to our website or sections included in the same to refer to the products or services we supply is permitted, unless it is done for competitive purposes or to damage our good name. The owner of the website that links content improperly and contrary to this legal notice shall be responsible for the damages that may be caused to STARIA TECHNOLOGIES or to third parties.

All the information that is received, such as comments, suggestions, or ideas, shall be considered transferred to STARIA TECHNOLOGIES free of charge. Information should not be sent if it CANNOT be treated in this way.


The legal notice shall be valid from the time it is published until it is modified. This Legal Notice and Privacy Policy may be modified by STARIA TECHNOLOGIES at any time, in whole or in part, and Users will be responsible for reviewing its content periodically to verify information. These modifications go into effect from the moment that they are published on the Portal. The date of publication will be established so that Users are aware of the current version.

In the event that any part of these terms is considered null or voidable, or its application is impossible, in whole or in part, due to the application of an amendment to legislation or a judicial sentence or arbitral award, the rest of the notice shall remain in force.


STARIA TECHNOLOGIES reserves the right to take the arbitral actions or legal actions that it considers appropriate in the event that Users utilise this website in an improper or illegal way. The User shall be held liable to STARIA TECHNOLOGIES or to third parties to whom damages may have been caused as a consequence of non-compliance with these obligations.

Not exercising or enforcing the actions or rights against third parties due to non-compliance of the provisions or prohibitions contained in this legal notice by STARIA TECHNOLOGIES shall not constitute renunciation of the same, except when recognised and agreed to in writing by STARIA TECHNOLOGIES.

These general terms are governed by the current laws of Spain and the European Union. Any litigation that may arise in relation to this website or activity carried out thereon shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid, and the user expressly waives any other forum to which they might be entitled.

All the legal information included on this website can be found in different languages to facilitate access to information by any user. When there are discrepancies in the translation of terms in the various languages that have been published, the meaning of the term in the Spanish language shall prevail; therefore, any interpretation of the legal terms of the present website shall be in conformity with information presented in the Spanish language.

Here we explain what cookies are. We will also give you information on the cookies that we use, and we will explain how to configure them so that you can disable them or keep them active.

If you have any questions regarding the cookies that are used on our website, please contact us at:

Before accepting the cookies used on our website, please read the information that we give you carefully. When you have finished reading, you can accept the cookies, or you can choose to disable or reject the cookies through the internet browser. You can also choose to include different add-ons in the browser to eliminate the functionality. We will let you know how to do this.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files stored on the devices that users use to access the internet—smartphone, tablet, computer. These files gather information and send it to the party responsible for their installation.

The information files used on our website allow us to differentiate between and compare its users, detecting their navigation and certain technological elements present (if the user&s browser is supported by JavaScript).

You can disable the cookies used on our Portal.To do this, we will explain how to configure the internet browser. Remember, you can delete cookies, block them or detect them before their installation.

To continue without changing your cookie settings, simply continue using the website after clicking the Accept button. You can obtain more information by visiting the website To obtain more details on advertising cookies and how to manage them, visit (in the EU) or (in the USA).

The types of cookies we use

We use «analytical cookies» which, along with the information from the host server. These supply us with information related to the number of visits to our website and the sections with more visits. If you are on our website, the cookies will register the session and references.

Our cookies are analytical because they allow us to monitor and analyse the behaviour of the website users to which the cookies are linked. This information is used to measure the activity on the websites and to develop the navigation profiles of the users. Some of them are essential, and without them the website or some of its sections or content could not be displayed. Others are functional.

Essential cookies

These cookies are necessary for the proper use of the website, allowing access to the different sections. Without these cookies, many of the services available would not function.

Our has_js cookie is created by the website itself and is necessary for detecting whether the user&s browser is supported by Javascript. It does not collect personal data.

Navigation Cookies

These cookies collect information about the use of web visitors, for example, pages viewed, loading errors, etc. This information is generic and anonymous, and does not include personal data, nor does it collect information that identifies visitors. The ultimate objective is to improve the operation of the website.

Our Navigation Cookies are from a third-party, Google Analytics. You can obtain more information here

Functional Cookies

These cookies allow information (such as the user&s name, language, or the region where he or she is located) and more personal characteristics to be recorded. For example, they make it possible to offer personalized content based on the information and criteria that you have voluntarily provided. These cookies can also be used to record the changes made in text size, fonts, and other customizable parts of the webpage. The information collected by these cookies can be anonymous and cannot be used to follow your activity on other webpages.

We use cookie-agreed to gather cookie approval on behalf of users.

How to configure/manage cookies

To manage the use of cookies on our website, you can follow the instructions below. Every browser has its own guidelines to configure cookies, for which you must follow the instructions from the browser in use.

We provide some alternative ways to manage cookies which may be useful. Remember that the page may not function properly if you block cookies. If this happens, a message may appear in the browser indicating that it is necessary to enable cookies for it to work.

Private browsing mode

You can use the private or incognito browsing mode, which the majority of browsers on the market allow for.

When you use the private mode, you will avoid visited websites being saved, tracking cookies being stored, download history being saved, and user login details being stored. Passwords and forms are not saved.

However, the internet provider will still know what you have accessed the site. The user&s IP address will still be visible. Private mode access does not protect from attacks.

To access private navigation in Chrome, go to settings and access «New incognito window»; in Edge, go to settings and access «New InPrivate window»; in Firefox, access is reached through Tools and «New private window»; in IE 11, go to Tools and access Safety and then «InPrivate browsing»; in Opera, you can access it from the Menu by selecting «New private window».


There are multiple tools on the market that can help you manage cookies. These tools are designed either to avoid the functioning of cookies or to block their functions. For example, Ghostery or Do Not Track Me.

You can block behavioural cookies (from other websites because we do not use them) through the exclusion platform published on

Configuring browsers

Google Chrome

Go to Settings or Preferences through the File menu or click on the personalisation icon that appears at the top right-hand corner of the screen (three vertical points). You will see different sections, choose the «Show advanced options» option or «Advanced Settings». Go to «Privacy and Safety» and then «Content Settings».

Select all cookies and site data. By default, you can predefine the blocking of cookies in the browser. You only have to select «Block».

You can also filter them through «See all cookies and site data». A list will appear with all the cookies, ordered by domain, which you can filter through the search bar. Now all you have to do is select or block the cookies you desire.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

When you open the browser, go to «Tools» at the top of the page and select the internet «Options» tab. Review the «Privacy» tab, making sure that it is set to the medium or low security level. If the internet setting is not set to medium, it will block cookies.

Mozilla Firefox

When you open the browser, go to «Tools» at the top of the page. In the more advanced versions, this may be represented by three lines in the top right-hand corner of the browser. Select the «options» tab. Select the Privacy and Security icon. Click on cookies and site data. Select the options that are presented according to your preferences: Clear Data, Manage Data and Exceptions. You can accept, keep until a predefined time, or block the cookies.


When you open the browser, go to «Tools» at the top of the page and select the «options» tab. Click the «Security» tab and check to see if the option «Block cookies» is selected or not. Click «save».

Cookie installation for Mac

If you have a Mac and you want to manage cookies, please follow these instructions:

Microsoft Internet Explorer OSX

Open «Explorer» and select «Preferences» in the navigation bar. Scroll down until you see «Cookies» just below received files. Select «Don&t ask me again».

Safari en OSX

Open the Safari browser and select «Preferences» in the navigation bar. Go to the «Security» tab and select the «accept cookies» option. Select the option: «Only from the current site on which I am navigating».

Mozilla y Netscape en OSX

Open «Mozilla» or «Netscape» and, in the upper part of the browser, select the «Preferences» option. Scroll down until you see «Cookies» just below «Privacy and Security». Select the option «Allow access to cookies only from the current site.»


Open the «Opera» browser and select «Menu» and «Settings» in the navigation bar. Select «Preferences» and choose the «Advanced» tab. Select the «Accept cookies» option.

Information on cookies on other devices

Android devices

Open the browser and click the menu button, then Settings. Go to Security and Privacy, then to the Accept cookies option so that the box is checked or unchecked.

Apple devices

To enable or disable the blocking of cookies on Safari, Click Settings > Safari > Block all cookies.

To delete history and cookies, go to Settings > Safari > Delete history and site data.

To delete cookies and keep history, go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Site Data > Delete all data.

To visit sites without saving them in your history, you only need to enable or disable private browsing.

More information here

More information from the developer

Lastly, we want to ask you if you are aware of tracking technologies?

Both webpages and email address -HTML-, may include other tracking technologies; for example, those called «web beacons». «Web beacons» are small «transparent» images which can provide statistical information and have similar purposes to cookies. They are usually used alongside cookies, although they are not directly stored. If you disable cookies, the «web beacons» can still run, but with more restricted operations.

When we use beacons, we will clearly inform you through a banner that is similar to that of the cookies.

If you would like more information, please contact us at

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