In the comercial development world, efficient budget management is crucial. Especially in the final stages of construction.

Often, it is the cost of additional services, such as lighting, that can exceed initial estimates and change the project's financial plan. This is precisely what happened in this shopping centre, where the budget allocated for outdoor lighting exceeded all expectations.

Fortunately, Staria's intervention with its solar lighting technology provided a revolutionary solution.

Solving a Lighting Challenge 

The shopping centre project was in its final stages when the project managers were faced with a financial dilemma: the planned cost for the installation of conventional lighting in the car park was too high. The initial proposal required extensive civil works, including manholes, trenches, wiring, etc. All contributed to a significant increase in the total budget.

It was in this context that Staria came into play, offering an alternative that was not only cheaper but also quicker and less invasive. Thanks to Staria's solar streetlights, a 63% reduction in the cost of the lighting installation was achieved. This achievement not only kept the project within budget but also completely transformed the lighting infrastructure of the shopping centre to become more sustainable and modern.

Economic Impact

Thanks to the solar lighting technology and its features, big saving where achieved.

As autonomous systems that do not require connection to the power grid, they eliminate the need for costly civil works with trenches, manholes and all the wiring. Also by using solar energy, these systems eliminate the recurring electricity bills that accompany traditional lighting.

In addition, maintenance costs are significantly lower as solar street lights have fewer components susceptible to wear and tear and there is no risk of wiring theft. A common problem in conventional systems can lead to unplanned expenses and loss of service.

INFINITY 340 Instaladas en el parking de un centro comercial

Additional Benefits from Solar Lighting in Parking Lots

The implementation of solar lighting systems in car parks offers numerous benefits beyond cost reduction. One of the most important is the guaranteed continuity of lighting, even during power outages, which significantly increases the security of the area. This constant availability of light improves the perception of security among car park users, reducing the risk of incidents and theft.

Also, in Staria, we manage the intensity of lighting according to traffic flow. During off-peak hours, the streetlights automatically reduce their intensity, which not only saves energy but also minimises light pollution, contributing to a friendlier environment for local residents or nigth wildlife. This intelligent dimming also prolongs the lifetime of the streetlight components and maximises the system's autonomy, ensuring efficient and prolonged operation.


The Future of Lighting in Parling Lots

Based on the proven benefits and growing global environmental awareness, it is reasonable to foresee that the future of car park lighting will be dominated by solar technologies. Solar lighting not only meets modern standards of sustainability and energy efficiency but also offers a flexibility and adaptability that traditional systems simply cannot match. 

As more businesses and municipalities seek to reduce their environmental impact and improve the safety and efficiency of their facilities, solar lighting is emerging as the preferred option.



The success story of the shopping centre is not an isolated incident, but a clear indication of the direction the construction and urban planning industry is taking. Staria's solar lighting not only solved a budgetary problem but also provided an advanced, safe and sustainable lighting infrastructure. 

By choosing solar lighting solutions, developers and property managers are making a smart, economical choice and investing in the future of their communities and the planet. We invite all development and construction stakeholders to consider solar lighting as an integral part of their future projects.