Personalized Lighting Projects

In Staria, we work very closely with our clients, customizing our solutions for each project. 

But... how do we do it?


Lighting needs study

Analysis of lighting regulations for the project


Analysis of solar incidence in the project's location

Calculation of available solar inicdence in the area 


Custom sizing of the solar solution

Custom sizing to ensure autonomy and lighting regulations


Optimized budgeting

Tailored budget for the client

Lighting Needs Study

Our first step is to conduct a detailed study of the lighting regulations for your project. This meticulous analysis allows us to precisely understand the lighting power necessary to meet all legal requirements, ensuring that the solution is perfect for your project.

Analysis of solar incidence in the project's location

We proceed with a detailed analysis of the solar irradiance in the specific location of the project, using the data from the months with the lowest solar irradiance. This calculation allows us to estimate the available solar energy, essential for matching the capture data with consumption data and thus ensuring the effectiveness of our solar lighting solutions.

Sizing of the solar solution

Using information from the required consumption and estimated solar capture, we customize the sizing of your solar streetlight.This process involves selecting and adjusting components, such as solar panels and batteries, to meet not only lighting regulations but also to ensure autonomy for 365 nights a year.

Renderizado de la farola Solar de Staira, dónde se pueden ver los componentes internos

Optimized budgeting

Finally, we prepare a customized budget that aligns with your expectations and specific requirements. Our focus is on providing a solar lighting solution that is not only efficient and sustainable but also economically viable. We guarantee an optimized budget that reflects the real value of implementing a lighting solution designed specifically for you.


Study Completition


Free, No Compromise Studies


365 Nights of Guaranteed Lighting


Fully Customized Studies